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The team at Healthy Living Primary Care understands that when you or someone in your family becomes ill, it can quickly become disruptive to your regular routine. Seeking medical care can help to minimize your symptoms and speed up your healing process. Our staff provides wellness checks for patients of all ages. Whether you think you have the common cold, the influenza virus, or an infection of some type, our staff of dedicated healthcare professionals are here to help you. At the first sign of illness, schedule an appointment with our team to get quick and reliable care you can count on.

Common Cold
Unlike the flu, the common cold can come from a wide range of viruses that enter the body. Most often, this condition will resolve on its own within one to two weeks. However, if symptoms persist or a high fever is present, it is best to see a doctor to ensure there are no dangerous complications present. Over-the-counter medications can help to relieve symptoms associated with the cold.
The flu is a virus that affects the lungs, nose, and throat. This virus can lead to complications and should be taken seriously in young children, seniors, pregnant women, and those who are living with chronic disease or have a compromised immune system. The flu can present with a wide range of symptoms including fever, chills, body aches, persistent cough, congestion, fatigue, and more. It is important to stay hydrated and monitor any fever if you contract the flu.
An infection can affect nearly any part of the human body, including the brain, skin, mouth, internal organs, and more. An infection takes place whenever a foreign organism enters the body, leading to illness. The organisms that lead to infections can be viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Once an infection enters the body, it will spread to other areas if it is not properly treated, or if it is too strong for the body to fight on its own.
Symptom Evaluation
In many cases, whenever someone is sick with the common cold, flu, or an infection, their bodies will fight the illness off on its own. However, if your symptoms are persistent or beyond the expected level of discomfort, having them evaluated by a physician can help ensure you are not experiencing complications or suffering from a more severe illness.
Flu Shot
The flu shot is an immunization that is used to help lower the risk of contracting the influenza virus. This virus is not only unpleasant, it can be dangerous, especially for senior citizens, young children, pregnant women, and those with compromised immune systems. It is recommended that everyone over the age of six months old be vaccinated, unless their physician tells them otherwise.
An antibiotic is a medication that helps to fight against bacteria that has entered the body. These medications are used to treat and kill bacterial infections, as well as prevent them from developing. These medications play a vital role in protecting the body.
Immunization shots, or vaccinations, protect the body from specific health concerns by fortifying the body’s immune system. Immunizations can help protect the body from measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, polio, tetanus, influenza, and more. Immunizations are important to protect children and adults from the spread of disease.
Allergy Testing
Allergy tests were designed to identify specific environmental, seasonal, and food allergens that cause irritation to the skin, sinuses, and more. The information collected during these allergy tests can help a physician determine the best treatment plan for the patient. This treatment plan may include allergen avoidance, medication, or allergy shots.
Blood Work
Blood work can measure a wide range of levels in the body, such as hormones, blood count, vitamins, and more. This information can provide physicians with insight to why certains symptoms may be affecting a patient. Additionally, routine blood work helps to catch potential warning signs of a medical concern early on.


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