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Wellness Treatment Conroe TX

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The overall health and wellness of our bodies affect everything in our lives from how we feel when we wake up, to how we manage the relationships we share with those closest to us. The best way to preserve our health is by seeking preventive care, instead of waiting until something is wrong to see a doctor. At Healthy Living in Conroe, TX, we work with patients to monitor a wide range of functions in the body, so that we are able to catch warning signs of a potential problem early on. From routine physical exams to lifelong management of chronic conditions, our team of healthcare professionals are here for you. Schedule your annual wellness exam with us today!

Physical TreatmentPreventative Care
Wellness Exam
Wellness exams are a part of preventative healthcare. These exams are focused on detecting early signs of health problems, in order to maintain wellness and avoid major issues from developing. Your physician will take a comprehensive look into the functions of your internal systems and will order blood work to go over with you.
Annual and Periodical Physical Exam
Your physician will perform a thorough physical exam that covers a wide range of tests. Most importantly, your doctor will take your vitals and evaluate the functionality of your body. It is important to mention any symptoms you may be experiencing during one of these exams so that your doctor can determine if they are from an underlying health issue.
Sports Physical
Sport physicals are designed to ensure athlete’s bodies are functioning properly, so that they are able to safely participate in sports. Most schools will require an athlete to undergo a physical before they are able to play team sports. In addition to checking physical health, these exams check to see if the athlete is up to date on immunizations.
Cholesterol Management
Cholesterol management plays a vital role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease in the body. Leading a healthy lifestyle with a diet that is low in saturated fats, while also working physical activity into your schedule can help to lower cholesterol naturally. Medications may be prescribed in order to help lower cholesterol as well.
Healthy Habits
In order to promote wellness in your life, you will want to minimize things that cause the body harm, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, eating processed foods, and remaining sedentary. Eating a healthy diet that is rich in nutrients, exercising regularly, and taking vitamins, can all help to promote a healthy life.


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