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At Healthy Living Primary Care in Conroe, TX, we believe in stopping health conditions before they start. Establishing a relationship with a primary care physician can help you to protect your health by catching early warning signs of any underlying disease. These physicians will work closely with you throughout all changes in your life, from pediatric medicine to geriatric care, in order to provide the most fitting healthcare solutions available for you at every stage of your development. Our physicians are here to provide you with long-term care you can count on.

Acute Illness
Acute Illness: Colds, viruses, and infections can cause discomfort and may lead to complications for some patients. Identifying the type of acute illness affecting a patient can help to treat the symptoms, making a patient more comfortable, as well as shorten the duration of the illness.
Hormone Imbalance
Hormone Imbalance: Many different factors can lead to a patient having a hormone imbalance. These imbalances may lead to complications such as sexual dysfunction, weight problems, and more.
Prediabetes: Prediabetes always occurs before type 2 diabetes develops in a patient. This condition is marked by a patient having elevated blood sugar levels beyond a healthy level, however, not high enough for a diabetes diagnosis.
Cancer Screening
Cancer Screening: Early detection of cancer can be a life-saving measure. Your physician will evaluate your family history to determine if you are at a higher risk of developing certain cancers. Annual checkups may be recommended for some patients.
Biopsy: A sample of cells or tissues may be needed in order to further evaluate the condition of a patient. These samples may be taken from skin, organs, lymph nodes, and more. Biopsies can help identify a wide range of conditions.
Cyst Removal
Cyst Removal: Superficial cysts and moles can often be removed in-office. These growths will be examined to ensure they are not a symptom of a more serious condition, before removing it in the least invasive method possible.
Heart Function
Heart Function: For patients living with heart disease, continued monitoring will be needed in order to track the patterns and behavior of the heart. Some of these tests can be done in a single office visit, while others will require monitoring over an extended period of time.
MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging is a scan that provides a comprehensive look at the internal organs and other structures of the body. These tests use magnet and radio waves to help physicians diagnose a variety of conditions.
Blood Tests
Blood Tests: Blood tests are often incorporated in monitoring patients with chronic illness as well as in the process of diagnosis. In many cases, a doctor will order blood work for a patient to help get a general look into their health and to narrow down the potential causes of complications they may be experiencing.


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