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There are a wide range of women’s health needs and conditions that require special care and training in order to properly diagnose and treat. The medical professionals at Healthy Living in Conroe, TX make it a priority to provide a comfortable and safe environment for women to discuss their health concerns, as well as learn about their options for disease management and treatment. From annual well woman exams to providing care for cervical cancer, our staff is here to help patients find the best solutions for their specific needs. Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more about the women’s health services we offer.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a disorder that causes an imbalance of hormones in women. This imbalance can lead to an excess of male hormones, known as androgens, which may result in excessive hair growth on the face and body. Women with PCOS may develop infertility issues and experience irregular menstruation cycles.
Endometriosis is a chronic and often painful condition that causes the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus to grow in abnormal places. Endometriosis most commonly affects the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the tissue that lines the pelvis, but has the potential to grow other places, including the intestines. Hormone treatment and excision surgery may be effective in reducing the symptoms of endometriosis.
Cervical Cancer
Cervical cancer affects the cervix, the lower part of the uterus, which is connected to the vagina. In many cases, cervical cancer will come without symptoms making it important to have an annual PAP smear to detect cancerous cells as quickly as possible. HPV is a sexually transmitted infection that can lead to cervical cancer when untreated.
Pap Smear
Pap smears are procedures that are done to detect early signs of cervical cancer in women. A pap smear collects cells from the cervix so that they can be examined to determine if cancerous cells are present. A pap smear should be done at least once a year in order to catch any potential problems as early as possible.
Well Woman’s Exam
A well woman exam is a preventive exam that is conducted to check for early signs of breast and gynecological diseases. This exam should be done once a year to women of all ages, in order to protect their health. During the visit, your doctor will perform a physical exam of your breasts and pelvis.
Some medications, including birth control pills, have been proven effective in treating women’s health issues. Speak with your doctor about your medical concerns to learn more about your options for medication and treatment.


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