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For many Americans, depression impacts their lives and makes it difficult to enjoy normal activities or engage with the world around them. If you have noticed you are feeling down or like you cannot find joy or pleasure in your life, it may be time to speak to a professional to determine if you are suffering from depression.


Depression is a mental health condition that can affect patients of any age; it can stem from biological, psychological, and social factors that may be out of your control. Depression may cause some individuals to feel a sense of deep, overwhelming sadness or to lose interest in activities they once enjoyed. Unfortunately for some individuals, their depression may include thoughts of suicide or self-harm, which may require emergency medical intervention in order to overcome.


If you think you may be suffering from depression, you are not alone. At Healthy Living Primary Care, we provide depression treatment in Conroe, TX. Schedule an appointment with our team today to start making steps towards a happier and healthier lifestyle.


Listed below are the steps for depression treatment:


Psychological Evaluation: The first step whenever a patient has reason to believe they are suffering from a mental health condition, is to have them undergo a psychological evaluation, also known as a mental health evaluation. This evaluation is completed in order to help medical professionals gain insight into what issues a patient is experiencing, as well as what factors may be contributing to the state of their current mental health. During a psychological evaluation, a medical professional will discuss symptoms, thoughts, feelings, and behavior patterns of the patient.


Mental Health Diagnosis: After a psychological evaluation is completed, the information collected will then be used to assess the current state of an individual’s behavior, personality, cognitive capacity, and other aspects of their mental function, to make a mental health diagnosis. Thorough psychological evaluations are necessary in order for doctors to determine an accurate diagnosis for those suffering from one or more mental health conditions.


Management Plan: After a patient has undergone a comprehensive mental health evaluation and a diagnosis has been made, their doctor will be able to create a management plan that is customized to fit the needs of the individual. Management plans for mental health conditions are designed to help improve a patient’s function and quality of life and may include the introduction of medication, therapy, lifestyle changes, and more.


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