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When you are living with a chronic illness, you will require continued support and healthcare management in order to control your symptoms and feel your best. At Healthy Living Primary Care in Conroe, TX, our goal is to support you on your journey to wellness in order to preserve your health! Our physicians work closely with patients living with a wide range of chronic diseases and illnesses, in order to help provide them with healthcare solutions that work for their specific needs. We help patients manage everything from autoimmune disease to heart disease, with cutting edge technology and medication. 


Our staff of board-certified physicians and healthcare professionals have what it takes to provide you with comprehensive care and effective disease management. If you are living in the Conroe, TX area, have concerns about your health, or are looking for a new primary care physician to provide you with solutions for long-term disease management, our team can help! Schedule an appointment with one of our physicians today to learn more about the healthcare options available for you and your family at Primary Care Healthy Living in Conroe, TX!


Listed below are some of the chronic illnesses the physicians at Primary Care Healthy Living in Conroe, TX provide management for:


Autoimmune Disease Management in Conroe, TX: Our physicians provide care for a wide range of autoimmune diseases including lupus treatment, multiple sclerosis treatment, and rheumatoid arthritis treatment. Some autoimmune diseases impact a specific area of the body while others affect many different parts of the body. 


Heart Disease Management in Conroe, TX: Heart disease is a chronic condition that affects the overall function and wellbeing of the heart. Some of the most common conditions that are treated by our heart disease management specialists in Conroe, TX include coronary artery disease; congenital heart defects, meaning issues affecting the heart since birth; and heart arrhythmias. Patients with heart disease will need lifelong monitoring and management. Ensure you are working with a doctor that makes you feel comfortable and secure, schedule an appointment with our team today. 


Diabetes Management in Conroe, TX: Our physicians are able to provide long term care for patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. From tracking blood sugar levels to making healthy lifestyle choices, your physician can ensure you are taking the steps necessary in order to protect your body and live a long healthy life with diabetes. 


Reliable Health Care in Conroe, TX


At Healthy Living Primary Care in Conroe, TX, we understand that when you or someone you love becomes ill, it can quickly interfere with your life. Seeking medical care at the first sign of an illness can help to minimize your symptoms and speed up the healing process. Our dedicated staff of healthcare workers provides wellness checks for patients of all ages. Whether you think you have a common cold, a virus, or an infection of some type, our staff of dedicated healthcare professionals are here to help you. Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more about how we can help you feel great!



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