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While diet and physical activity can help to reduce the chances of someone developing diabetes, genetics play a role as well. For those who are unable to produce insulin properly and efficiently, insulin resistance and prediabetes may affect their health.


What is insulin and why is it important for our bodies to function?

Insulin is a hormone that is produced by the pancreas. Insulin is used to help aid the glucose in our blood into our muscles, fat, and liver, so that it can then become converted into energy to fuel our bodies.


Glucose, a simple sugar, enters our bodies through the foods we consume. Whenever the glucose levels in your blood rise after you have eaten a meal, this will cause a signal to be sent to your pancreas to release insulin into your blood. This insulin works to lower your blood glucose levels in order to keep them in a normal and healthy range. Whenever your body is unable to produce an adequate amount of insulin, your blood sugar levels can become too high, leading to many complications with your health.


What is insulin resistance?

Insulin resistance occurs whenever the cells in your muscles, fat, and liver are unable to effectively respond to the insulin released from your pancreas. This results in your body struggling to remove the glucose that has been released into your blood. In patients that develop a resistance to insulin, the pancreas will respond by producing more insulin to try and assist the glucose in your blood into your muscles, fat, and liver cells. If your pancreas can produce enough insulin to accommodate the weak response in your cells, your blood glucose levels will continue to stay in a healthy range. However, this can only happen for so long in unhealthy patients before the pancreas will be unable to continue this overproduction. This can lead to insulin resistance and prediabetes.


What are the symptoms of insulin resistance and prediabetes?

There are not always warning signs or symptoms with insulin resistance or diabetes. However, some patients living with insulin resistance or prediabetes may feel insatiable thirst, the frequent urge to urinate, darkened skin around the neck, and skin tags. These symptoms are not always a sign of insulin resistance or prediabetes but should be taken seriously.


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